Swiss New Flagship B777-300 ER Business Class Review

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Class: Business Class
Airport: Amsterdam - Zurich - Singapore
Reviewer: Andy Smulders
Review Date: December 2016


One of the Best Business Class seats around at this moment, Great cabin Staff and catering service, Supurb Business Lounge Zurich E-pier

Swiss New Flagship B777-300 ER Business Class Review. During this Swiss Business trip, I was happy to fly Swiss new Flagship, the Boeing 777-300 to Singapore. I have flown with Swiss many times before, as it is a great company where I feel my self home. I am not sure why but it just feels like […]

by Andy
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Swiss New Flagship B777-300 ER Business Class Review.

During this Swiss Business trip, I was happy to fly Swiss new Flagship, the Boeing 777-300 to Singapore.
I have flown with Swiss many times before, as it is a great company where I feel my self home.
I am not sure why but it just feels like that.
Swiss has a great service, excellent cabin crew and very comfortable seats.

This day I had a short meeting in Regensdorf Zurich in the afternoon first.
Swiss has a few flights everyday from Amsterdam to Zurich, and I took the early flight from Amsterdam to Zurich at 0700.
I arrived just after 08.25 in Zurich.
Swiss has a great arrival lounge for the Business Class traveller at Zurich Kloten Airport.

As there was enough time, I took a shower and had a light breakfast at the Swiss Arrival Lounge, before taking the taxi to my meeting in Zurich.
As I had a short meeting that day, I booked myself a dayroom at the Movenpick hotel in Regensdorf.
Enough time to rest, use the internet and this all for only € 75,00.
Great to finish my work in Zurich that day and be relaxed, when my flight to Singapore will start that evening.
A free Hotel shuttle to the airport is also included in that price.

Swiss New Luxurious Senator and Business Lounge E Terminal

In 2016, Swiss opened the new Senator and Business lounge at Terminal E.
Two large lounges, each over 1100 m2 with stunning views over the airport and Swiss Alps.
A new design with an even greater catering concept.
It was time to take the Sky metro to Terminal E and see it all, but most important to enjoy it all.


You have tow options if you visit the lounge, you either go to the right to the Senator Lounge ( for Senator Members )
or you go to the left to the Business Class lounge.

As I am also a Senator member, I was visiting the Senator Lounge this time.
If you compare both lounges there is no difference between the two lounges with one exception !!!!!!!
The Senator Lounge has a great Whiskey bar, with 120 different varieties of Whiskey from all over the world.

As it was 5 O Clock somewhere in the world, it was time to taste a great whiskey ( or two )
Just sit and watch the view of runway 28 and the Swiss Alps and drinking a nice whiskey on the rock.
What do you need more.

The lounge is over 1100 m2 and all facilities needed for the Business traveller are here.

A nice place to unwind and relax in the comfortable cozy lounge chairs facing the windows and runway 28.


My favourite spot, sitting outside, overlooking the beautiful panoramic views of the airport and Alps, from the wide open air terrace.

A very nice corridor with lots of books to read from.

The chef prepares the food before your eyes and there is also a large buffet available.

It was time to say goodbye to my friends from the Breitling Jet Team.

The Swiss Senator and Business lounges look spectacular and can be rated as an excellent lounge.
This is all that the Business Traveler needs to do his work and for sure start a relaxing journey.
Swiss has raised the bar for the other Airlines, this lounge will be perfect for the next 5 years.


It was the first new Boeing 777-300 ER delivered to Swiss on the 29th of January, the HB-JNA that was waiting for me.
The B777 will replace the A340-300’s over the next few months.
As soon as you enter the new Flagship, you see that for sure this is a new FLAGSHIP.

The Boeing 777-300 ER has state-of-the-art technology.
It offers maximum reliability, a very high level of comfort in the cabin, and has space for over 340 seats.
8 First / 62 Business / 270 Economy class seats with mood lights all over the cabin.

Swiss’s 62 business class seats by Thomson are arranged in an alternating 1-2-2 or 2-2-1 pattern.
The Thomson seat is really a master piece a state of the art seat build for the feature.
The seats are 20.5 inch wide and the seat converts in a 2 meter long bed, with larger footwells.
Truly amazing are the cushions, located neer your feet.
As I am quite tall, you always feel the edge of the seat on your feet, but here you will find now a great cushion.
It is like a headrest, but than for your feet.
You have to get used to the 3 point seat belt, as you always where used to the normall seatbelt around your waste.
It feels like driving a car ( with no steering wheel ) but after 10 minutes you will be used to it.

Because the B777 is much wider than the A340, it allows more room for storage throughout the plane.
You will find a nice tray table with a divider if you sit in a two persons seat, but as a Senator member you also have the option to sit in a single seat.
Here you will have even more storage space, as you have a table on the right and left from you.

The seats have all options like a massage and offer a great sleeping comfort.
There are no Pyjama’s for the Business traveller ( would be great )

But most important for me was the great 16 inch touch screen from the Inflight Entertainment System.
The quality was that great, that I did not need my reading glasses to follow it all.
The IFE system features also Internet Access.
The IFE system on demand allows you to travel the world more than once, without having seen or listen to it all.
A great system and a lot different than you are used with onboard the A340’s.

As always the cabin crew was amazing.
I have flown Swiss over 20 times the last 3 years and the level of Service provided by the friendly cabin crew is always superb.
Nothing is too much for them and I always feel myself at home flying Swiss.

But lucky for me this is a red eye flight and after a comfortable take off and a quick snack, it was time to test the comfort from the bed.
Mr Smulders shall we wake you up for breakfast ?
Please do so…………..

The bed is build up with air cushions.
If you move you feel that the air cushions support you all the way.
It feels that you have a special ( air ) matras under you and I was asleep within a few minutes.

2 hours before landing the crew had to wake me up.
The bed was really comfortable and after a 9 hours sleep, it was time to wake up and start my breakfast.
The taste from the Gate Gourmet catering was as good as it looks.
But this was not a surprise for me.
Swiss offers one of best catering concepts in the world.

It was time to buckle up and before I knew it, we where on finals towards Changi Airport.

Thanks again Swiss for the great journey.
As always I say, Seeya next time.

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