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9/ 10

Hotel Class: 5 Star
Reviewer: Andy Smulders
Review Date: 23 March 2012
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Close to the Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City, Exceptional customer service by the staff


No Free Internet in the room, only free internet in the Executive Lounge

When I flew with Swiss International Airlines on there first flight to Beijing, I was looking for a hotel that is located close to the centre of Beijing. That is a bit hard as you know how big Beijing really is with nearly over 20 million residents in 2012. I looked around and noticed that […]

by Andy
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When I flew with Swiss International Airlines on there first flight to Beijing, I was looking for a hotel that is located close to the centre of Beijing.
That is a bit hard as you know how big Beijing really is with nearly over 20 million residents in 2012.
I looked around and noticed that the The Hilton Beijing Wangfujing hotel had very good reference points to what the Business Traveler needs for an excellent stay.
Recently they have been awarded with the ‘World’s Leading Lifestyle Hotel” award.

The Hotel is located close to all the major attractions and within walking distance of the Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City.

As soon as you enter the Hotel, you will notice that this is different Hilton Hotel then you would expect from a Hilton Hotel.
The standards are much higher them I expected from a Hilton Hotel and I felt myself more arriving in a Conrad Hotel than a Hilton Hotel.


You get welcomed by the very friendly staff and I went directly to the check in desk.
The luggage was handed over to the Concierge.
The Concierge Desk is next to the check in desk.
As it was very busy at the time of arrival, I just went to sit near the Fireplace and they gave me a nice welcome drink.

They asked me for my name and reservation number.
To speed up the process they already asked me if they could make a copy of my passport.
The very friendly staff member came back to me and told me Mr Smulders you are staying in an executive Lifestyle suite, so you can also check-in at the Executive Lounge on floor level  16.
Don’t worry about your luggage our concierge will deliver that directly to your room.
She walked with me to the 16th floor and handed over the copy of my passport to the person who was now in charge of checking me in.

I was told that I would stay in Room 822 an Executive Lifestyle Suite, with access to the Executive Lounge for breakfast, afternoon cocktails with complimentary snacks and beverages.
The check-in procedures went fast and smooth and  a person walked with me to my room, my home for the next 5 days.

When I opened the door I noticed that the room was big and with big I mean very spacious.
The Life Style suite is a 71m²/764sq.ft suite and room 822 is one of the few rooms with a private balcony.
I noticed that the Bellboy already placed my luggage in a special walk-in closet with enough room to name it a dressing room.
The room has everything, a special working area with High Speed Internet ( not free of charge ) 2 kingsize beds, a 42 inch LCD TV and a Chaise Lounge.
If you don’t want to use the internet in your room, the hotel offers free High Speed Wireless Internet in the Executive Lounge.
The bathroom and toilet can be opened like it is part of the already hugh bedroom.
You can also close the bathroom by closing 3 big sliding doors to have more privacy, but you can also leave one sliding door open.
You will have a nice view in the direction of your bedroom and still have the privacy of a bathroom, because the siding door is behind the half open bathroom.
Here you find a Wangfujing duck to take with you during your Bath or better take it with you home.

In the bedroom you will find a teddy bear to sleep with or to take home with you after your stay.


After a quick shower I went to the Executive lounge for some Drinks, Cocktails and Snacks.
The Executive Lounge on level 16 is a must for every Business Traveler in the World.
An extensive selection in the breakfast buffet, a chef on stand-bye, who always is available to prepare the eggs how you want them.
There is also an Afternoon tea session with all kinds of cakes and an evening selection of beverages and small bites to eat.

The service is great and they keep filling your glasses and cleaning the tables, no points are missed on that one.
It was also time to check my emails and finish up some work by answering my emails.
As soon as I connected my Macbook to the free wireless Internet in the Executive Lounge, Skype called me and I received a call from my wife.
I was sitting in a remote area of the lounge and talked Dutch to my wife.
After the conversation another Dutch person came up to me and overheard me taking Dutch.
It’s weird if you are at the other end of the world and even there you meet Dutch People.
We started a conversation and this person was Mr Marc de Beer, the General Manager of the Hilton Wangfujing Hotel.
This was for me an opportunity to ask him why this Hilton Hotel is so much different ( and better ) than the other Hilton Hotels in the world.
The Hilton Hotels I stayed at, where always very good hotels, but the Wangfujing hotel is a really excellent hotel.


Mr Marc de Beer told me that this Hotel has been setup more as a lifestyle Hilton hotel than as a traditional Hilton hotel.
I told him that the service and ambiance of the Wangfujing Hilton felt for me more like I stayed in a Conrad Hotel ( also part of the Hilton group ) than as in a Hilton hotel.
He was very pleased with that suggestion.
We talked for about 30 minutes and I felt myself really home at the other end of the world.
Mr Marc de Beer  also gave me some tips if I want to visiting the different things to see in Beijing.
He suggested  to go to the Concierge desk and they will make a print in Chinese of your destination so the taxi drivers will understand where you want to go.
Also make sure you always keep your hotel business card in Chinese with you, which will be handed over to you at the concierges desk as English is very hard to understand for taxi drivers.

The next day I had breakfast at the Executive lounge, which was suburb and the day after that I finished my breakfast at Vasco’s Restaurant.
A culinary adventure in this vibrant Macanese restaurant.
If you stay un the Hotel on a Sunday, make sure you make a reservation for the famous Champagne Brunch at Vasco’s.

If you visit Beijing, you have to taste the well known Golden Duck Cuisine.
The Wangfujing Hilton hotel is known for making one of the best and famous Golden Duck dishes served at the Chynna Restaurant.
Make a reservation for the Chynna Restaurant at the Wangfujing Hilton and you will be soaked up by the vibrant atmosphere of this theatrically themed restaurant.
A dinner that you will not forget and for a reasonable price and served by the chef at your table.


The Hilton Wangfujing Hotel is an excellent hotel that must be visited if you are going to stay in Beijing.
An excellent hotel with ditto service for a great price.
The hotel is awarded as an Excellent hotel by BTmagazine.nl and has received a 9.0

Website Hotel : www.wangfujing.hilton.com


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