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9.7/ 10

Hotel Class: 5 Star +
Stayed in Room nr: 430
Reviewer: Andy Smulders
Review Date: 19 March 2012
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This hotel is great in every aspect, one of the best hotels in the world

In March 2012 I had to make a report about Finnair flying to Singapore. I was looking for an excellent Business hotel to write about and a friend of mine told me about the Capella Hotel in Singapore. He told me that the Capella Hotel is the best Hotel in Singapore and most likely one […]

by Andy
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In March 2012 I had to make a report about Finnair flying to Singapore.
I was looking for an excellent Business hotel to write about and a friend of mine told me about the Capella Hotel in Singapore.
He told me that the Capella Hotel is the best Hotel in Singapore and most likely one of the Best Hotels in the World.
I told him that I have stayed in all the best hotels in the world and what he told me looked like he was showing off to impress me.
But anyway, I booked the Capella Hotel and would find out for myself if this is one of the best Hotels in the World.

I arrived at Sentosa Island, the location of the Hotel.
Away from the hustle and busy area of the Central Business District.
As soon as I got out of the Taxi, I noticed that this Hotel is something special.
It started with the Leading Hotel of the World sign next to the door.
The Capella offers a sanctuary of peace among a beautifully styled landscape with a English land style mansion on top of a hill.
Fine that looks excellent so far, maybe my friend was correct and is this Capella Hotel something special.

When I got to the reception, I was welcomed with a drink by the friendly staff.
I checked in and they told me that they where still preparing my room, as I arrived two hours earlier than I told them, when I booked the Hotel.
They asked me if I wanted to have a seat in the Library and they offered me a Cappuccino.
I was welcomed with all kinds of sweets and chocolate.

A hallmark of the Capella experience is the luxury of preferential service provided by Personal Assistants.
They take care of all your needs from booking your seat at the restaurants or making a booking for a musical or show you want to see when you are in Singapore.
After 30 minutes they told me that my room was ready. I got room 430 a garden view suite.

As soon as I walked in, I was thinking about what my friend told me.
I think that this is one of the Best Hotels in the World.
The First Impression was excellent.
As soon I was inside my room, I started to explore all things.

Next to my bed I noticed a nice gadget. Curtains, blinds and lights are all remotely controlled with this equipment.
It looked like an iPad but you could adjust everything in the room, while you are resting on your bed.
After a quick shower, I dressed myself in the spacious room and got ready to have dinner in the modern Chinese restaurant, Cassia.
Designed by the famed interior designer Andre Fu, Cassia features a warm and inviting dining room, where small, intimate exchanges help flavor the mood while you savor each bite.
The food was great, but it was too much for me (especially after a long flight from Europe).
I went back to my room and connected my Macbook to the free internet service.
The internet connection was very fast and I was happy with that, especially if you have to transfer some large files.

After a great night sleep in the very comfortable bed, I woke up in the morning and was sitting on the balcony overlooking the great garden.
I got dressed and went to the Knolls Restaurant for breakfast and noticed the very large variety of choices in food.
I was not eating so much, as I had booked the famous Brunch on Sunday morning.
People from all over Singapore are making reservations for this brunch.
The brunch was the best brunch I have ever experienced.
Oysters, Fish, BBQ, Sushi and excellent desserts where being served.
For the next time as I will book this brunch, I will make sure to skip the breakfast in the morning.
Breakfast and Brunch is way too much to eat.

In the afternoon I went for a nice swim at one of the three swimming pools and explored Sentosa Island.
When I came back from my walk I noticed that the Capella Hotel also offers long stay villa’s named The Club.
The Club at Capella Singapore offers guests luxurious long-stay accommodation situated within the peace and tranquility of Capella Hotel with 72 exquisitely designed sea-facing suites (ranging from a one-bedroom to four-bedroom units), as well as nine stand-alone manors with private pools.
It must feel like heaven to stay there as well for a longer period of time.

That evening I took the taxi to visit the Singapore Flyer and had an great view from high up the sky.
On St Patricks day I had to visit the entertainment area Clark Quay and also Nightclub Zouk.

When I arrived back a the hotel, I was welcomed by the friendly PA and asked her if they could wake me up by 0900 as I was getting ready to fly back to Europe the next day.
At 9 o clock they woke me up and I went to the Knolls Restaurant for my breakfast.
At that point I noticed that I had to leave this great hotel.

My friend was wright, The Capella Singapore is one of the BEST HOTELS in the WORLD.
The only thing that was not so nice these days was the weather, but that is something that is out of control by the Hotel.
Would I go back to the Capella.
YES YES YES for sure, but than for a longer period to stay.

I have never given a 9.7 as a ranking for a hotel.
I tried to find things to justify me for not given a 9.7, but I could not find any reason why the Capella Singapore should not deserve the highest ranking to give.
So that is why this Hotel is given this rating.

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